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Electronic Air Cleaners: Are They Worth The Investment?

Do electronic air cleaners really work, and are they worth the investment?  They do work to remove dust and microscopic particles from your home, but the efficiency depends on what type you buy.  This type of equipment is definitely recommended for any homeowner who desires cleaner air, and is recommended for homes in which people with asthma or other breathing conditions live. Continue reading

Save Money And Energy With A Tankless Hot Water Heater

Heating water in your home when it’s not needed can add up to higher energy costs. The traditional, tank-style hot water heater heats up water and then keeps it warm in the until you need it. Tankless water heaters are far more efficient because they only use energy to heat water while you are using it. Continue reading

Keep Your Furnace Running Efficiently This Winter

No matter what time of year it is, it’s never too late to properly maintain your furnace. Proper care and preventive maintenance will keep a furnace running smoothly. Now is not the time for a breakdown.

Preventive maintenance is typically performed in the fall, allowing professionals to catch any minor problems before they turn into major ones, as well as avoiding a system failure on a cold winter’s day. However, an inspection can occur any time of year. Continue reading

The Value of Hybrid Dual Fuel Systems

When you are upgrading your heating and cooling system you have a number of options to choose from. Hybrid dual fuel systems are among those options. There are many advantages to converting to this type of unit. However, the primary advantage to a hybrid fuel system is its efficiency. Continue reading

Saving Energy With A High Efficiency Boiler

As energy costs increase, it becomes essential to take steps to save money when heating and cooling your home. High efficiency boilers save energy, which ultimately saves money.
Continue reading

Keep Your Home Warm And Comfortable This Winter

Winter is now upon us, and home comfort is an issue for many homeowners.  You may feel cold drafts no matter how high you turn the heat up, and even though you still aren’t comfortable, your energy bill is sky high.  What can you do to keep your home warm and cozy this winter, without facing astronomical energy costs? Continue reading

Make Sure You Change Your Air Filters On Time

There are several reasons why it is very important to make sure you change your air filters on time. The filters in your home are constantly working to remove dust and debris, and things like mold spores and pollution, from the air in your home.  Filters are designed to prevent these particles from being re-distributed into the air in your home through your HVAC system supply vents.  Clean filters ensure that your home has superior air quality, and that you have comfort as well as peace of mind.

An air filter that has heavy accumulation of debris will not work efficiently, and this accumulation puts an additional work load on the entire system which means a higher monthly energy bill for you, not to mention the fact that this additional strain will greatly reduce the longevity of your entire HVAC system.  When you make sure you change your air filters on time, this is money in your pocket, and in today’s economy saving money is more important than ever.

Many manufacturers direct customers to change their filters every 30 to 60 days.  This does give a good generalized idea of when to change them, but there are other factors that need to be accounted for when deciding how often to change your filters.  If your home is occupied by five cats, a dog, and four kids, it would be a good idea to stick much closer to the change every 30 days mark.  Vacation homes may only need the filters changed once a year.

Probably the biggest challenge for most homeowners is remembering to change the filters at all.  It might help to mark your calendar, or change the filters every time you get your energy bill, keeping in mind the money you are saving by changing them.

When dealing with all aspects of HVAC systems preventative maintenance is always your best bet.  Not only does preventative maintenance provide you with energy savings, and much better air quality, it will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you can rest assured that your system is in optimal working condition.

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Qualified and Trained Technicians Keep Your Equipment Reliable And Efficient

When it’s time to repair, replace, or upgrade your home’s heating and air conditioning system, the choices available may seem overwhelming. To help you sort through the options and make an informed decision, it’s important to find a contractor you trust. Someone who will take care of your home, ensure the comfort of your family, and provide you with the best customer service possible. Continue reading

How To Keep Your Room The Right Temperature With Zoning Systems

Zoning systems and zone control of HVAC systems provide a solution to hot and cold rooms.  In fact, it does a lot more for you (and your energy budget) than you may realize.  You can think of this in terms of light switches in every room.  You wouldn’t have one light switch for the entire house.  Why heat or cool the entire house when most of your time is spent in one or two rooms? Continue reading

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