Top 5 Reasons for an Early Furnace Tune Up

With summer coming to a close and the cold days of winter in the not so distant future, now is the best time to schedule an early furnace tune up in South Bend, Fort Wayne, LaPorte, or any of the other many cities we serve. Here are our top five reasons you need to schedule an early furnace tune up!

Furnace Safety

“Safety first!”  We’ll bet you have heard that phrase before and for a good reason too.  Through maintaining your home’s furnace with an early furnace tune up we check for factors that could be potentially harmful, such as carbon monoxide in gas furnaces.

Prevent Furnace Breakdowns

When a huge snowstorm is in the forecast the last thing anyone wants is to be left without heat.  A wonderful preventative measure to that would be an early furnace tune up.  This maintenance helps to prevent costly breakdowns before they occur.

Furnace Efficiency

While your furnace has been inactive during the warm months of summer there is a good chance for dirt buildup, crack formation or other wear and tear problems to pop up.  This leaves your furnace operating at a level lower than its best.  Early furnace tune ups help to get your furnace back up to speed in no time, enabling them to operate as efficiently as possible.

Maintain Warranties

Routine maintenance, such as an early furnace tune up, helps you out in the long run.  How?  It helps to maintain valuable guarantees and warranties on your heating systems.

Beat the Rush

Catch heating and cooling companies while they are in their “off season” when scheduling your early furnace tune up.  Not only will your furnace benefit from this service but you will too by beating the rush that comes with the cold weather.

So what are you waiting for?  Call us today or request our service online for your early furnace tune up.  When it is time to turn on the heat in for your Mishawaka home’s furnace and your furnace is working perfectly, we’ll bet you’ll be glad you did!

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