Why Should You Choose Energy Star Products? Here Are Three Top Reasons

If you’re upgrading your home’s HVAC equipment, one easy way to make smarter choices is to look for the Energy Star seal. The Energy Star program was created to help consumers easily identify products with superior energy efficiency. To earn the seal, an appliance must be at least 10 percent more efficient than required by government protocols and use non-proprietary …

Are Heating And Cooling Needs Influenced By Degree Days? Find Out How To Assess Efficiency

The weather in northern Indiana and southwest Michigan plays a big role in the amount of energy your home consumes for heating and cooling. Electric meters don’t include weather information. That’s why, while learning to read your electric meters can help you gauge energy use, it can’t help you estimate your home’s efficiency. If you’d like to fill in the gaps …

Summer’s End Is Around The Corner: Use These Operational Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Air-Conditioning System

The end of summer is in sight, but plenty of hot days remain in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. There are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the best performance possible from your air conditioning system — at the lowest cost. While your unit is still working hard and running often, help it along with these …

Landscaping Boosts Energy Savings: Don’t Let The Planting Season Pass You By

Homeowners living in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan are eager to find energy savings, just like everyone else. Winter months will be coming up shortly and heating fuel prices don’t seem to be dropping. Did you know that the landscaping you choose for your home can make a difference in how much you spend on energy?  

Investigate Your Home’s Energy Efficiency To Make Changes That Impact Your Checking Account

When it comes to reducing our energy consumption, we don’t always know where to look. We may be sending part of our bank accounts out the door, windows, flue or attic. There are various was to determine how to best increase our energy efficiency. One way is by having an energy audit.  

Inefficient Crawl Spaces: Avoid Paying For Energy You Don’t Use With These Tips

By insulating and sealing your crawl space, you can make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy costs. How you go about doing that depends on whether your crawl space is ventilated. In Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan, older homes typically have ventilated crawl spaces. New houses are often built with unventilated crawl spaces.  

Homeowners From Northern Indiana To Southwest Michigan: Energy-Saving Tips You Need To Know About

Have you ever looked at your electric bill or fuel statement and wished you could make it go down instead of up? If you’re serious about getting in on some energy savings, there’s a great website you should visit. It’s totally anonymous; you don’t give your name, and no one will call. But it’s designed for your specific area. It’s …

Learn How Reading Your Meters Can Help You Get More Energy Savings

If you are looking to cut down on your gas and electricity bills, learning how to read your meters can help you increase your energy savings. When you are familiar with your gas or electric meter readings, you know how much gas or electricity your household is consuming at any time. It’s important to know how to do this because …

Save Energy With Strategies For Water Use

Water expenses can add up — especially during Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan summers, when many of us use extra water to cool off and to keep our lawns green and our gardens healthy. These water-saving tips can help keep your water bill low and help the environment.