Corona Virus Policy

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Corona Virus Policy

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We are therefore remaining open during the Michigan and Indiana state-wide shut downs. In an effort to promote employee and customer welfare, we are implementing stringent cleanliness policies and vow to maintain all CDC recommendations.

We are there for you now and always as the Technicians You Can Trust With Your House Keys.

We are doing our best to continue to take care of your heating, cooling and plumbing needs throughout the virus outbreak, while also exercising precautionary measures to help ensure health and safety.

  1. We have put procedures in place to ensure our staff are healthy before coming to work or to your homes.
  2. When you call for an appointment, we will ask you to report illness to us and allow us to reschedule not only for the sake of our employees but for every customer we come in contact with.
  3. We will continue to offer virus fighting and other air quality products at reduced rates.
  4. To help ensure your health and that of our field technicians, we are supplying all our field technicians with hand sanitizer and bleach wipes. 

Technicians are taking the following precautionary steps when they visit your home:

  • They are not shaking hands.
  • They are making every effort to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between people, per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommendation.
  • They are putting on clean shoe covers for each home they visit and throwing them away upon leaving.
  • They are no longer handing out business cards.
  • They are wiping their tablet surface and pens with an alcohol wipe before asking you to sign for work to be done. Alternatively, the technician can email you while still on site, with a description of the work to be done and the total amount due. You can send a reply email from your phone giving approval for the work.
  • They are wiping off your thermostat and all equipment they touch in your home.

We acknowledge this is a complicated issue and are committed to providing the safest experience for our customers and staff. Again, we offer our sincerest appreciation to each and every family we have served and look forward to continued expert service in the future.

We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate regularly as new information becomes available.

Please feel free to reach out to us at (574) 255.4600 with questions or concerns.

We appreciate your understanding,

Home Comfort Experts

We are open for business. The health, safety and well-being of our customers is our top priority during this time. Learn More