Home Comfort Experts Gives Back

From financially supporting local chapters of Disabled American Veterans to donating heating and cooling equipment for Habitat for Humanity, giving back has always been a large component of Home Comfort Experts. However giving back does not stop within our own community’s boundaries. Home Comfort Experts’ General Manager, David Hayes recently took a trip to Honduras. Check out his recap here.

For a fifth year, David Hayes packed his bags to make his way to Central America. “I enjoy taking time out of my summer to pour myself into the Honduran people. My father always told me that to whom much is given, much is required,” he explained. From handing out clothing and toys to the families and putting on skits and puppet shows to providing food baskets with enough food to feed a family for a month, David and the other volunteers kept busy.

“On the last day we worked in the fields with the Hondurans. They work eight hour shifts, six days a week for only $6 per day,” David said. “One of the things that really amazes me on these trips is how little these people have yet they are really happy. Sometimes I think we take things for granted and are not as thankful as we should be. This trip makes me truly thankful for what I have and for the country that I live in.”

We are so proud of David and the rest of the Home Comfort Experts employees who give back to others each and every year!