Basement Flooding

Basement Hit By the 2018 Flood? Here’s What To Do:

MISHAWAKA/FORT WAYNE — Hundreds of homes in the Michiana area have been affected by massive spring flooding and, as waters recede, homeowners may be asking how to handle their heating and plumbing equipment, usually found in basements. “As little as three inches of water can completely devastate a furnace because that blower motor may have kicked water up onto your …


Don’t Be Robbed Blind Again!

Save Big Money on Your Heating Bills with a Tune-Up! Being robbed is every homeowner’s worst nightmare!  You feel so vulnerable and it can cost a fortune to put your life back together afterwards. Believe it or not—there’s a stranger lingering around your home right this second!  In fact, he’s been lurking for a long time—and every heating season, he …

Top 5 Reasons for an Early Furnace Tune Up

With summer coming to a close and the cold days of winter in the not so distant future, now is the best time to schedule an early furnace tune up in South Bend, Fort Wayne, LaPorte, or any of the other many cities we serve. Here are our top five reasons you need to schedule an early furnace tune up! Furnace …

A Red-Tagged Furnace Means Problems — And You’ll Need An Expert To Help Figure Out Your Options

Maybe your furnace has been making some unusual noises or you’ve noticed higher energy costs, so you called in an HVAC expert. If the technician found that your furnace has a cracked heat exchanger, you now have a red-tagged furnace on your hands — and you need an expert’s help to decide what to do next.