When Your Ductwork Isn’t Sealed Tight, You’re Losing More Than Air

One of the easiest parts of your home heating and cooling system to ignore is the ductwork. This simple but important part of your system conveys the heated and cooled air from your air-handling unit to the various rooms of your house. Tucked away in walls, attics and basements, it’s a part of the system that few people really think …

Investigate Your Home’s Energy Efficiency To Make Changes That Impact Your Checking Account

When it comes to reducing our energy consumption, we don’t always know where to look. We may be sending part of our bank accounts out the door, windows, flue or attic. There are various was to determine how to best increase our energy efficiency. One way is by having an energy audit.  

Inefficient Crawl Spaces: Avoid Paying For Energy You Don’t Use With These Tips

By insulating and sealing your crawl space, you can make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy costs. How you go about doing that depends on whether your crawl space is ventilated. In Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan, older homes typically have ventilated crawl spaces. New houses are often built with unventilated crawl spaces.  

Air-Source Heat Pumps Are A Good Heating And Cooling Option For Indiana and Michigan Residents

As a homeowner, you may assume that you need both a furnace and an air conditioner to maintain the comfort level in your home throughout the seasons. Heat pumps can do the work of both–so that you experience warm air in winter months and cool air in summer months–in one convenient system.  

Load Calculation Matters: What You Need To Know

A load calculation will tell you exactly what heating and cooling output you need from your heating and cooling system to keep your home comfortable. It’s important to get the right size heating and cooling equipment not just because you could end up with equipment that’s too small for your home, but also to prevent oversizing. Oversizing HVAC equipment makes …

Experience Counts When Choosing a Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

No matter which brand of furnace or air conditioner you have in your home, finding a qualified local contractor is key. Furnaces and air conditioners are manufactured in facilities with tight standards. However, in order to achieve the efficiency ratings advertised, you need to find a qualified local professional to maintain them and install new systems. Most HVAC professionals will …

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