A Red-Tagged Furnace Means Problems — And You’ll Need An Expert To Help Figure Out Your Options

Maybe your furnace has been making some unusual noises or you’ve noticed higher energy costs, so you called in an HVAC expert. If the technician found that your furnace has a cracked heat exchanger, you now have a red-tagged furnace on your hands — and you need an expert’s help to decide what to do next.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions For Northern Indiana And Southwest Michigan Homeowners

Now that the cold weather is rolling forward in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan, you’ve probably closed your home to keep the cold drafts out and the heated air inside. While a tight home saves on your heating bills and keeps you more comfortable, it can also build the levels of indoor air pollution in your home.

Control Air Leaks, And Stop Energy Losses In Your Home

Many of us got a wake-up call during the energy crisis of the 1970s. People across the nation realized the economic benefits of reducing our energy use; cars were built with better gas mileage, and heating and cooling efficiency became a bigger priority. As we’ve moved forward with home comfort, sealing up residential air leaks has become an important aspect …