Look At R-Values To Create An Efficient Heat Barrier For Your Home

Insulation is rated according to its ability to resist the flow of heat from one space to another. This rating, known as R-value, is an important factor to consider when deciding which insulating material will provide the most effective heat barrier for your home.

Fall Is Just Around The Corner — Get Your Furnace Ready Now

Think it’s too early to start thinking about furnace maintenance? Think again. With fall just around the corner, now is the best time to have your furnace serviced; you can beat the winter rush and rest assured that your heating system will be ready to go when the cold hits Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan.  

Are Your Pipes Noisy? Our Plumbing Contractors Can Help

Sometimes we live with things in our home that we shouldn’t. If we have noises we can’t pinpoint, we may just put up with the sounds and learn to try and ignore them. It isn’t something we need to tolerate. It can be embarrassing with guests in the home or, at the least, an annoying disturbance that interrupts our daily …

Proven Energy Savings With Duct Sealing

One of the places the average family can find savings is in their monthly energy bill. Sealing your HVAC ducts throughout your home  is a good place to start. Many things can happen to cause leaks in your ducts; from parts that just don’t come together quite well to damage caused by moving heavy boxes, especially in the attic and …

Looking For A Water Saver? Aerating Showers Have Benefits

By installing an aerating shower head, you can cut the water used during your family’s showers by as much as half. An aerating shower head, one type of low-flow shower head, controls the size and direction of the water droplets that pass through as it injects air into the stream of water. The resulting spray is gentler than the jets …

In The Market for a New Air Conditioner? Give High Efficiency Consideration

While nobody wants the expense of replacing their air conditioning system, there are times when it is necessary. Old units reach the end of their useful life and need to be replaced by newer equipment. The good thing is that this gives you the opportunity to upgrade your air conditioning system to one of the newer, more energy efficient ones.

Electronic Air Cleaners: Are They Worth The Investment?

Do electronic air cleaners really work, and are they worth the investment?  They do work to remove dust and microscopic particles from your home, but the efficiency depends on what type you buy.  This type of equipment is definitely recommended for any homeowner who desires cleaner air, and is recommended for homes in which people with asthma or other breathing …