A Dual Fuel System Boosts Efficiency By Offering Choice

Electricity- or fuel-powered furnaces are common sources of home heating in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan, but they are expensive to operate. On the other hand, a major energy-efficient alternative — the heat pump — loses its efficiency as temperatures fall. That’s where a dual fuel heating system comes in, offering energy efficient and reliable heating.  

A Red-Tagged Furnace Means Problems — And You’ll Need An Expert To Help Figure Out Your Options

Maybe your furnace has been making some unusual noises or you’ve noticed higher energy costs, so you called in an HVAC expert. If the technician found that your furnace has a cracked heat exchanger, you now have a red-tagged furnace on your hands — and you need an expert’s help to decide what to do next.

A Heat Recovery Ventilator Ensures Fresh Air–When You Need It Most

When your home is sealed against winter cold and summer heat, your indoor temperatures remain comfortable and your energy waste is minimized. But there’s one drawback to tightly sealed homes: reduced ventilation. As the supply of fresh air into your house is cut off by closed doors and windows and tight seals against the weather, your indoor air quality may …

Use Our “Change Your Air Filter” Reminder Service To Keep Your Systems Operating Efficiently

Let’s face it: Life is busy and you probably have a ton of things you need to remember. Work deadlines, family obligations and home maintenance can result in a full schedule, which is why Home Comfort Experts offers our valued customers a “change your air filter” reminder service: Filterminder. We do the work for you, and you ensure maximized home …