Do You Know Why Overall Energy Savings Impacts Lifetime Costs Of Your HVAC System?

If you are shopping for a new heating and cooling system, you probably already know about the differences in energy efficiency among the options on the market. Ratings such as SEER (for air conditioners) and AFUE (for furnaces) are similar to the mpg ratings on cars; choose a higher rating, and the HVAC system will consume less energy.

Control Air Leaks, And Stop Energy Losses In Your Home

Many of us got a wake-up call during the energy crisis of the 1970s. People across the nation realized the economic benefits of reducing our energy use; cars were built with better gas mileage, and heating and cooling efficiency became a bigger priority. As we’ve moved forward with home comfort, sealing up residential air leaks has become an important aspect …

How Do You Know When To Replace Your Furnace System And When To Repair It? Home Comfort Experts’ Insider HVAC Tips

Deciding whether to repair or replace your furnace can be difficult. On one hand, the high upfront cost of a brand-new furnace can be daunting. At the same time, a number of benefits come along with a new furnace, including lower energy costs, improved comfort, reduced environmental impact, quieter operation and fewer breakdowns.  

Programmable Thermostat Features That Let You Manage Comfort And Efficiency

Cutting back on energy use can be done in both big and small ways. Using a programmable thermostat is a small way to add to energy savings. But the control that this small piece of equipment gives a homeowner can result in big savings and greater efficiency.  

Death In The HVAC Family? Follow Our Four-Step Process To Quickly Replace Cooling Equipment

If your home’s air conditioner has reached the end of its life span, you may be dreading the complicated process of selecting and purchasing replacement cooling equipment. You’ll have to do plenty of research, to be sure, but the process doesn’t need to be as daunting as it may seem if you approach it systematically and follow a few helpful …