Going On Vacation? Tips For How To Address Your Home’s Equipment

Many people overlook caring for their HVAC equipment before leaving for a trip, and if you’re planning an extended vacation this summer, it’s important that you take steps to ensure your air conditioning equipment is properly prepared for your absence. This will help you avoid potentially costly problems.  

Save Energy With Strategies For Water Use

Water expenses can add up — especially during Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan summers, when many of us use extra water to cool off and to keep our lawns green and our gardens healthy. These water-saving tips can help keep your water bill low and help the environment.

Looking For A Water Saver? Aerating Showers Have Benefits

By installing an aerating shower head, you can cut the water used during your family’s showers by as much as half. An aerating shower head, one type of low-flow shower head, controls the size and direction of the water droplets that pass through as it injects air into the stream of water. The resulting spray is gentler than the jets …

Tips For Using Hot Water Heaters Efficiently

Water heaters can account for as much as 30 percent of your total energy costs. Innovations in thinking about how we produce hot water, such as the installation of tankless systems and solar water heaters, will eventually bring about big improvements in this number. In the meantime, there are steps homeowners can take to improve the efficiency of their existing heaters.   Older tank-style …