Air Conditioning Maintenance in Indiana & Michigan

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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Indiana & Michigan
Air Conditioning Maintenance in Indiana & Michigan

As time passes, your AC unit will wear down and may start to experience problems. In order to keep your house or workplace cool, you will need to take care of and regularly service the unit. Having the right professionals check your AC unit can help prevent issues in the future.

Don't wait until your air conditioning unit breaks down during the peak of summer to schedule maintenance. Protect your unit with annual AC maintenance from our team of experts. Whether you are in need of routine AC maintenance service, emergency repair, or an AC unit installation in Indiana or Michigan, call the experienced HVAC technicians at Home Comfort Experts.


If your home needs air conditioning and furnace maintenance, contact Home Comfort Experts.

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Do You Need AC and Furnace Maintenance Services? We’re Your Leading HVAC Maintenance Provider

Investing in routine AC annual maintenance is crucial in ensuring the longevity of your HVAC system. You will also notice some additional benefits when you regularly service your AC unit.

    Whether you need us for routine residential or commercial AC maintenance, our HVAC experts will provide trustworthy service.


    Maintain healthy air quality.

    Routine maintenance is critical to maintaining healthy indoor air. Changing air filters every 90 days and having your system checked thoroughly by our professionals can help reduce debris, dirt, and pollutant buildup to keep your air clean. Make sure to get in touch with our professionals to have it checked thoroughly.

    If you are sensitive to dust or have allergies or asthma, routine AC maintenance should be a top priority. Getting your air ducts cleaned regularly is also a great idea.


    Reduced energy consumption.

    Annual maintenance can save you up to 30% in energy bills, and purchasing a thermostat can save you even more. Investing in a programmable thermostat can save you even more money, too!

    Other ways to reduce energy consumption for your AC unit include changing out or cleaning the filters and keeping your air ducts clean and maintained.


    Prevent breakdowns and repairs.

    Regular maintenance can help detect issues early on and prevent costly repairs, such as malfunctions and water and carbon monoxide leaks. Other problems to watch out for include unusually high energy bills, the unit blowing out hot air, and the unit shutting off frequently.

    An estimated 80% of repairs could have been easily avoided with routine AC maintenance. If you notice spotty cooling throughout your home, it can be a telltale sign you are due for AC maintenance.


    Extend the life of your system.

    A well-maintained HVAC system can have a longer life. With proper cleaning and upkeep, you can prevent many issues that may cause significant problems later.

    As a homeowner, one of your main goals should be to enjoy your air conditioner for many years before needing to replace it. To ensure its longevity, we will clean, check, and test all the elements so we can fix any issues before they become even more complicated.

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    At Home Comfort Experts, we care about your investments and want you to be 100 perfect certain that you are making the right choice when having your AC unit repaired or replaced by our team.

    For reliable AC maintenance services in Indiana and Michigan, our technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide efficient and effective AC system upkeep.

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    What Does a Furnace Tuneup Look Like?

    Furnace tuneups are for everyone. As a fuel-burning appliance, your furnace should be maintained by a professional on an annual basis -- regardless of age (even if it's brand-new).

    Home Comfort Experts Operations Manager James Olesen meets in a Granger, IN, home with The 5-7-4 and More reporter Casey Daniels from WSBT to show homeowners what a furnace tuneup looks like.

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    House having trouble staying warm or cool?

    Not Sure if You Should Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner or Furnace?

    Should you repair or replace your air conditioner or furnace? Take this short quiz, and get answers from the experts at Home Comfort Experts! We’ll also offer some tips and advice on what you can do to keep your furnace and air conditioning systems operating at peak efficiency.

    Why Is Maintenance of Your Home’s Air Conditioning System So Important?


    Detect deadly carbon monoxide in gas furnaces.

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    Prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns before they occur.
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    Routine air conditioner and furnace maintenance keeps your systems operating at the highest possible efficiency ratings.
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    Maintains valuable warranties and guarantees on your heating and air conditioning systems.
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    The Home Comfort Experts 20-Point Maintenance & Safety Inspection

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    20-Point Inspection | Air Conditioning

    1. Calibrate & level thermostat.
    2. Clean filters.
    3. Monitor volts/amps on fan motor.
    4. Lubricate and inspect bearing for wear, if applicable.
    5. Sanitize indoor coil if accessible.
    6. Flush condensate drain.
    7. Inspect condenser coil.
    8. Monitor operating pressures of refrigerant.
    9. Inspect safety devices for proper operation.
    10. Inspect disconnect box for proper rating and installation.
    11. Tighten electrical connections.
    12. Test/inspect contactors for burned, pitted contacts.
    13. Inspect electrical for exposed wiring.
    14. Test and inspect capacitors.
    15. Inspect fan blade.
    16. Clean condenser coil/remove debris.
    17. Check in service valves for proper operation.
    18. Measure temperature difference – supply/return.
    19. Inspect duct work for energy loss.
    20. Monitor compressor for proper amperage, volt draw and wiring connections.
    We service and repair all brands, makes and models of furnaces & air conditioners including, but not limited to:
    American Standard
    Comfort Maker
    Day and Night
    Thermo Pride
    United Technologies
    Weather King
    ...And More!

    Did you know?

    In the Indiana and Michigan area, we have seven months in the heating season: October through April.

    That works out to 210 heating days and 5040 heating hours. Each hour your furnace runs, it turns on and off an average of four times, so over the heating season, your furnace cycles on and off 20,160 times. If your furnace is 10 years old, it has cycled on an off 201,600 times. Just like a car with lots of mileage, you may need to replace your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable and safe.

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