Trouble Shooting Problem Issues

Every homeowner needs to be aware of a few plumbing basics to prevent a plumbing emergency and get the proper help needed when something goes awry with their system. Some issues are basic and can [...]

What Makes a Good HVAC Technician?

Your HVAC system is a major part of your home’s infrastructure. Keeping it maintained and in optimal operating condition is key to your family’s comfort throughout the year. Getting a long life [...]

What Is an Upflow Furnace System?

Upflow and downflow refer to the direction that heated air is pushed out of a furnace as it enters your home’s ductwork. Quite simply, if heated air is pushed out of the top and up into the [...]

Do You Have R-22 in Your Old AC System? Here’s What to Do:

Know Your Options Do you have an R22 air conditioner (one that uses the old R22 refrigerant that’s being phased out)? Faced with the rising costs of R22 air conditioner repairs, the decline [...]

Important Spring Service on Your HVAC System

Like most people after a long Midwestern winter, you may find yourself daydreaming about sunny summer days, perfect for outdoor activity. But keeping your home comfortably cool can be a crucial [...]

Home Comfort Experts Breaks Ground for New Office Addition to Corporate Headquarters

MISHAWAKA/FORT WAYNE — Home Comfort Experts broke ground today on a new 7,200 sq. ft. addition to their existing corporate office at 56848 Ferrettie Court in Mishawaka, Indiana. The addition will [...]