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Earn up to $750 in Cash with the
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What is the Home Comfort Experts
Windfall Referral Program?
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As a family run business, our reputation is very important to us. When you recommend us to your friends and neighbors you help us grow and employ more local people.

It's simple: the Windfall Referral Program gives you the opportunity to earn cash when you refer someone to Home Comfort Experts!

At HCE, we like to spread comfort. So if you know someone who:

  • Could use a better heating of cooling system, or...
  • Needs indoor air quality that is healthy for their whole family, or...
  • Wants the newest technology in zoned systems and wi-fi control of their thermostat, or...
  • May need a new air conditioner or furnace system...
  • Or anything else HVAC, Plumbing, or Indoor Air Quality related...

Please fill-out the Windfall Referral Program form below and give us their name. If our visit results in an installation, you’ll receive a Windfall check!

Please take a minute to call us or fill-out the Windfall Referral Program form below. Most of our new customers come from word of mouth referrals, so your word-of-mouth is a big part of our business.

Also, if you have not been 100 percent pleased with our service, will you please phone us directly at the number below so we can personally any issue you may have had. We pride ourselves on our 99 percent positive ratings! Your feedback and assistance is truly appreciated. Thank you for being our customer!

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Ready for your Windfall Referral check?
Refer a friend to our service and if they decide to install a new system with us, we’ll send you a check.
We know our satisfied clients are our best advertising and we’d rather spend our money on your good word than any other form of commercial.
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Already Part of the Windfall Referral Program?
If you are looking to receive your check:

Give us a call at (574) 255-4600 with a list of names and contact information.
IMPORTANT*Be sure to ask your friend to use your name when they call for an appointment!*

(574) 255-4600
Sign-up for the Windfall Referral Program
You can earn as much as $750 for your referrals!

What are you waiting for?! Use our form below to send in your referral:

Windfall Referral Program