Sump Pump Installation & Repair in Indiana & Michigan

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Sump Pump Installation and Repair in Indiana and Michigan
Protect Your Home With a Sump Pump
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When you need sump pump repairs or installation in the South Bend, Indiana, and Michigan look to Home Comfort Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. Our plumbers have been repairing, replacing and installing sump pumps and battery back-up sump pumps since 2006 and homeowners have come to rely on our fast, friendly plumbing service.

If you don’t have a sump pump in your basement or lower level, you are at risk of flood damage. A sump pump collects the water from the ground in and around your basement and foundation and pumps it from below the ground to above the ground keeping water levels under control. When it rains, water can collect quickly and if the ground is already saturated, water will start to find its way into your home. Especially if your lower level is finished, don’t take the risk. Have a sump pump installed by Home Comfort.


Don't assume your sump pump works -- do this quick test:

The bad thing about sump pumps is you don’t know that it’s not working until there’s water in your home and damage is done. At Home Comfort Experts, we always encourage our customers to perform a monthly sump pump test. It’s easy and will give you added peace of mind.

#1 Fill a five gallon bucket with water

#2 Dump it in the sump pit

#3 Make sure the pump kicks on and the water drains out

#4 Check the outdoor drain spout to make sure it's not clogged.

If sump pump repair is necessary, contact us!

Reliable Sump Pump Installation and Repair in South Bend and Surrounding Areas

Your sump pump is an integral part of your plumbing system. It keeps your crawl space and basement from flooding. It also pumps water away from your house to other areas like the dry well or city drain. Without a well-functioning sump pump, your basement can become flooded and you can face costly structural repairs.

Reasons Your Sump Pump Can Fail

Your pump is not necessary until an emergency flooding happens. When it does, you need to ensure it works accordingly. However, at times, your sump pump won't be able to do its job. Some of the likely culprits include:

No air relief hole.

A hole is drilled between the check valve and the pump so air pressure won't build up in the discharge pipe. Without the hole, pressure can build up and the pump needs to work extra hard. This can often cause premature failure.

Lack of maintenance.

If you go too long without getting your pump professionally cleaned and maintained, small problems can go undetected and can cause it to malfunction.

Discharge pipe issues.

Water will flow back into your basement if the discharge pipe is frozen or clogged with dirt.

Wrong type or size.

Your pump can also malfunction if there's too much water for it to handle.

Stuck switch.

If debris is stuck inside the pump or shifts inside the basin, the switch can become lodged.

Power outage.

When there is a power failure, your pump won't be able to work accordingly and won't be able to remove the excess water.

Signs You Need Sump Pump Repair or Replacement

Ensuring your pump is in good working condition is important so it can do its job accordingly. Some of the most common signs that indicate it needs to be repaired or replaced include:

Tripped circuits.

When it starts to work, your pump should not cause tripped circuits. If it does, there is an underlying issue that needs to be checked.


A pump is not completely quiet when at work. However, it should not make loud noises either. If you hear strange noises or sounds like grinding or rattling, it's a sign it needs to be examined.

Constant cycling.

Sump pumps will turn on when excess water needs to be pumped out. It will also turn off otherwise. If it continues working even if there is no water or stops working when there is, there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Visible rust.

Rust can be due to bacteria or corroded battery terminals. Also known as Iron Bacteria, the gel-like substance can clog plumbing including the pump. While not a health hazard, it can cause water flow problems.

The Benefits of Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump installation offers many benefits. Some of the most notable include:

It protects your home's foundation.

If you don't have one at home, you are putting the foundations of your home at risk. Over time, water can break down your foundation and create gaps and cracks. This will not only make your home more vulnerable to flooding, it can also offer entryways for pests to enter your home.

It lowers the risk of fire.

Basements often have electrical appliances and they can short-circuit when exposed to flooding. Even if short circuits don't typically start electrical fires, they can cause significant damage to your appliances.

Reduce mildew and mold.

Fungi, mildew, and mold grow best in damp and dark areas. If your basement is prone to flooding, it will make the perfect spot for them to grow. Mold, mildew, and fungi will not only cause damage to your house, they are also serious health risks. A pump can keep the basement dry and prevent mildew, mold, and fungi from growing.

Prevent water damage and flooding.

When large-scale flooding occurs, pumps can be highly beneficial. When torrential rain occurs or spring thaws, an unprotected basement can face at least a foot of flooding.

Boost property value.

Homeowners prefer a property with features that protect it from damage. Since pumps provide flood protection, it would be wise to invest in one. When you improve your property's safety and reliability, you will also boost its value.

Looking for a little more peace of mind?

Install a Battery Backup Sump Pump!

Many homeowners want a little extra insurance against flooding so they install a battery back-up sump pump. These clever sump pumps don’t need electricity to run, so if your power happens to go out (which is all too common during thunderstorms when you need your sump pump the most) the back-up sump pump will kick on as soon as it senses that the main pump isn’t working. That way, your home is protected even if you aren’t home and your electricity goes out.
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When you call Home Comfort Experts for sump pump repair or installation, you can depend on the most highly skilled and best trained plumbers in the business. They wear the “seal of safety” and ID badges and are background checked and drug free. Call us today for any plumbing needs.
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