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Your drains are crucial to the overall performance of your plumbing system. Even a small clog that's left unattended can reduce reliability and create a safety and health concern for you and your family. Major plumbing problems might require costly repairs or replacement when not addressed promptly.

While clogging can occur now and then, it can be prevented with the right care. Fortunately, you have us. At Home Comfort Experts, we can help ensure your drains stay clean and working properly through regular inspection, drain cleaning, and maintenance.

Through the years, we have provided reliable, efficient, and professional drain cleaning services to countless clients in South Bend and surrounding areas. We provide both residential and commercial services. Give us a call and schedule your drain cleaning services today. No job is too big or too small for us.

Home Comfort Experts Can Fix the Below Drain Cleaning Problems:

We know how inconvenient and messy plumbing repairs can be. Whether it’s a sink, toilet, tub, shower, garbage disposer, or sewer, Home Comfort Experts have you covered! 

Our professional drain cleaning services will have things back to normal in no time. We have powered rods that can reach deep into a pipe to find the source of the problem. For smaller pipes, our sink rod goes 75 feet. 

For larger pipes of 3-4 inches in diameter, our main rod can reach 100 feet. With a power feed and cutting heads, these motorized rods can break up any clog, including roots, and get things flowing smoothly again.

Sink Clog
Toilet Clog
Tub/Shower Drain Clog
Garbage Disposal Clog
Laundry Room Drain Clog
Sewer Clog

Superb Drain Cleaning Services You Can Count On

Many homeowners today enjoy conveniences that were not available many years ago. The ability to do the laundry, enjoy a hot shower, and clean dirty clothes with just a push of a button are just some of them. However, none of those basic luxuries would have been possible without a functioning drainage system.

One of the most prevalent issues many homeowners face is clogged drains. Fortunately, it's something we can easily fix. At Home Comfort Experts, we provide affordable, fast, and effective drain cleaning solutions. Our certified and experienced plumbers are equipped and trained to deal with even the most stubborn clogs.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

Many homeowners consider a clogged drain a nuisance they can live with rather than a pressing plumbing problem. However, a small clog that's left unresolved can lead to debris buildup and, eventually, a full blockage. When the drains start backing up, you have a serious problem on your hands.

Slow draining.

If the drains in your tub, shower, or sinks are slow to empty, it can indicate that something inside your sewer drain pipe is hindering the water flow. A tree root that has broken through the pipe or a buildup of organic materials are often the likely culprits.

Backing up.

One of the most obvious (and unpleasant) signs of a clogged drain is the sewer clean out spout sending wastewater into your living area. If you have any blockage, wastewater hits the clog and flows back to the source.

Toilet water level changes.

If the water level in your toilet fluctuates, it can be attributed to changing water pressure. The toilet level can return to normal when the drain line clears.

Gurgling noises.

If you drain one sink and another sink starts to make gurgling sounds, it indicates a problematic sewer drain line.

Sewer smells.

If you notice any foul odors from your drains at home (including the tub or shower), you likely have a clog holding up organic wastes and materials.

Cleaning Services for Clogged Drains

When you have a clogged drain, we have a range of services to address the problem, including:

Drain sewer cleaning.

We will use the latest snake equipment to clean your sewer line. We also make sure we won't damage your electrical or gas lines.

Drain and sewer camera inspection.

We use a state-of-the-art fiber optic camera so we can look deep into your drain and identify the problem without any digging.

Hydro jetting.

We use a high-pressure water jet to clear the stubborn blockage and force it through the pipe. The flow and pressure of the water are closely controlled.

3 Tips for Avoiding a Clogged Drain

At Home Comfort Experts, our plumbers have the equipment and experience to clean and clear your drains fast. If you have a sink, toilet, shower, tub, disposal, or sewer drain problem, call Home Comfort Experts.
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#1 Disposal

Most homeowners don’t use enough water when using their disposal. That means that pieces of food, grease, etc. build up in the pipe. We suggest running a lot of water to flush your disposal once a month. The best way to do this is to plug the sink and fill it all the way up. If you have a double sided sink, plug both sides and fill them both all the way up. Then unplug them both at the same time and let the force of that water wash any leftover debris out of the pipes.
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#2 Toilets

No matter what the product label says, “flushable” baby wipes should not be flushed. Sanitary wipes and baby wipes are the number one cause of clogged pipes that we see. We once pulled 34 baby wipes from one clogged pipe. It’s not your fault. The labels should not tell you these products are flushable when they clearly cause problems with clogging. To keep things running smoothly, the ONLY thing you should flush down your toilet is toilet paper.
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#3 Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks/Tubs

To plunge a kitchen sink with two sides, you must plug one side to seal it or you will never get the vacuum you need to plunge effectively. Similarly, you must plug the overflow hole in bathroom sinks and tubs to get a good air seal for plunging them.
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Drain Cleaning Experts in Indiana & Michigan

At Home Comfort Experts, our plumbers have the equipment and experience to clean and clear your drains fast. If you have a sink, toilet, shower, tub, disposal, or sewer drain problem, call Home Comfort Experts.
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