3 Steps to Using Your Heating and Cooling System to Help Beat Allergies

The weather is warm, trees and flowers have sprouted, and the birds are chirping. This means just one thing for Mishawaka and Columbia City area homeowners: allergy season is here. However, this year you can beat allergies. How? Believe it or not, your heating and cooling system can have a big effect on the state of your sinuses. Just follow these three steps from Home Comfort Experts!

Begin by Running Your Home’s Air Conditioner

It is the time of year in the Mishawaka and Columbia City areas when homeowners can flip on the air conditioner. Home Comfort Experts encourages you to do so to help beat allergies. When windows are kept closed, pollen stays out of your home and out of your lungs.

Don’t Forget to Clean Out Your Air Conditioner’s Filter

If you are to follow one of these suggested steps, make this be the one! Changing your air conditioner’s filter is the single most important thing you can do to help reduce indoor allergens. Particles of dust, spores and mold overtime become trapped in your filter and can discharged throughout your home.

Another way to keep mold, mildew, and even pollen out of your home’s air is through a whole house air purification system. These systems are installed as part of your home’s heating and cooling system. How does this work? When your furnace or air conditioner pushes out air it is first being filtered.

Consider Purchasing a Dehumidifier for Your Home

We all know the saying, “April flowers bring May showers”, but did you also know that these humid showers could also bring mold to your home? Home Comfort Experts suggests purchasing a dehumidifier for you home to help control the moisture level and decrease your chance of mold. Not to mention, dehumidifiers help your home feel more comfortable when it is sticky and clammy outside.

Now you are equipped with the proper steps for beating allergies! For more information about your home’s heating and cooling system, give Home Comfort Experts a call.

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