3 Steps to Winterizing Your Indiana Home

The holidays have arrived! And it wouldn’t be the holiday season without a bit of snow and cold temperatures. Is your Indiana area home ready for these temperatures? Try these steps for winterizing your home from Home Comfort Experts.

Reduce the Heating Costs by Adding Insulation & Checking for Drafts

According to the United States Department of Energy, a draft in your home could add between 5% and 30% in heating costs. Because of this, check the sealing around your home’s windows and doors. Also, be sure to check your basement, attic, and crawl spaces. Adding insulation in these areas of your home will help keep the warm air produced by your furnace inside.

Change Your Home’s Furnace Filter

At Home Comfort Experts, we recommend changing your home’s furnace filter once a month. In fact, our Filterminder program can remind you to change your filter monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. This helps keep the air quality in your home clean and healthy. Changing the filter will also help your furnace run more efficiently, especially during the coldest days of winter. When your furnace is running at its peak efficiency, you are getting the most energy savings.

Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up & Boiler Inspection 

Another step in making sure that your furnace and other heating equipment are operating as efficiently as possible is to have them inspected. Home Comfort Experts recommends an annual inspection. For more information about why this is beneficial, read our blog post: 5 Reasons for a Furnace Tune-Up 

For more information about winterizing your home or to schedule a furnace tune-up, give Home Comfort Experts a call today.

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