6 Tips for Saving Energy

While most people know that ENERGY STAR appliances can keep your energy costs running 30% below average, a few practical steps can minimize the trauma of summer-time electric bill shock even more.

Here are 6 easy steps to save energy on your electricity bill during our hot Indiana summers:

Step 1: Turn off appliances and lights when you leave the room. Yes, it’s easy to forget to do this. While what your dad said about it costing you a quarter every time you turn on a light in your house may not be true, it is true that you can greatly increase your energy savings by switching off lights and appliances.

Step 2: Cook in the microwave instead of on an electric stove. While it may not work for cooking everything, a microwave does use much less power than your typical electric stove. Plus, it doesn’t heat up your kitchen as much.

Step 3: Turn on “green power” for your home. Make sure to contact your electric company first to see where and if it is available. While it may seem like an expensive option to save on your energy bill, some home owners have actually reported that their electric meter ran backwards after installing solar panels. Wouldn’t you love to get that bill?

Step 4: Repair any leaks in your air conditioning and refrigeration systems. With all the hot and humid weather we’ve been having, anything you can do to make your HVAC systems more effective will save you on your electric bill. A leak in your HVAC forces your units to use more electricity to keep the temperature comfortable.

Step 5: Reduce the amount of air conditioning and heating you use. Setting your thermostats just 5 degrees up in the summer (or down in the winter) can help lower your bill significantly. This works especially if you are regularly away from the house for more than four hours.

Step 6: Properly insulate your pipes, water heater, and home. This keeps your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, all the while helping you save on the amount of energy you need to keep things comfortable.

These six steps might not lower the temperature outside, but they can do a lot to lower your energy bill and keep you saving straight on through summer.

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