Air Handlers Deliver Conditioned Air Throughout the Home

Air handlers are the indoor units of an air conditioning or a heat pump system. What’s more, air handlers deliver conditioned air throughout the home.

If you have central air, you are probably familiar with the outside condensing unit. But air conditioner or heat pump units condensing units work in conjunction with their corresponding indoor units (air handlers) to deliver conditioned air throughout your home—all year long. (In general, air handlers are responsible for cooling your home while the condensers are responsible for heating your home).

Principles of Air Handlers

Air handlers are responsible for circulating the air throughout your home. For the important work that they do, air handlers are amazingly simple in construction. They generally are made of sheet metal molded into a box with holes on each side. Inside the box is a fan designed to circulate the air along with air conditioning essential components such as a filter and an evaporator coil.

When you purchase an air conditioning or a heat pump system, you will also be buying air handlers that are perfectly matched to your HVAC system in order to bring you the very best air conditioning or heating for the size of your home. Buying perfectly matched condenser units and air handlers ensures a pair that reliably delivers conditioned air throughout your home.

Of course, this also means that when your replace the condenser unit you must also replace the air handler. Because both are designed to work together, replacing only one of them will result in reduced efficiency of your air conditioning system.

The main principle is this:

Air handlers, when matched to their corresponding condenser units, will deliver conditioned air throughout your home. So don’t skimp on price at the cost of your comfort. Buying a perfectly matched air handler and condenser unit will bring you the refreshingly conditioned air that you’ve come to expect.

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