Airflow Issues? Let Us Check Your Air Ducts

If your ductwork is functioning efficiently, each room in your house should be receiving the same amount of airflow to keep all the rooms at the same temperature. Your duct system should also incorporate some method of return airflow, which helps keep the pressure throughout your home at a neutral level.

Some signs of airflow issues include rooms that always seem too warm or cold, or rooms that are always stuffy. Other signs of air distribution issues are unreasonably high winter and summer utility bills, ducts located in your attic, garage or crawlspace, and ducts with kinks or blockages in them.

Air leaks can also be an issue. Leaks can go unnoticed for years, and they not only waste energy and money, but cause pressure imbalances throughout your home. They can be difficult to find and seal, because air ducts are often located inside walls. That’s why it’s a good idea to have professionals inspect your system and remedy any problems. However, simply sealing your ducts is not enough. They must also be properly designed and installed, or even the most efficient home will waste energy.

Home Comfort Experts Inc. can diagnose any design or installation flaws in your ducts. For instance, if you’ve recently replaced your furnace but not your ducts, the furnace could be producing an amount of energy the ducts weren’t designed to handle. Duct size is also important to maintain “static pressure.” Think of smaller streams branching off of a river. If the branches were as wide as the main river, the water would have less energy to keep flowing. However, you don’t want them too small! This could lead to too much pressure (think of a constricted blood vessel). As for the angles in your ductwork, they shouldn’t be too sharp. You want curves as opposed to angles. We’ll be happy to inspect these issues for you!

Your HVAC system and air ducts should work hand-in-hand to distribute air evenly throughout your home efficiently. If you have any concerns about air flow, give Home Comfort Experts Inc. a call! We’re happy to help!

Home Comfort services the Mishawaka/South Bend areas of Indiana.

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