Before You Upgrade Air Conditioners, Have Your System Sized For Best Performance

When it comes to air conditioners, bigger is not always better. That may seem counterintuitive at first. During a sweltering summer, you might feel like the best A/C unit for your home must be the largest one you can afford.

The truth, however, is that an air conditioner designed to cool a space larger than your home will turn itself on and off more frequently than it should. This will not only increase the costs of operation, it will shorten the life of the system and lead to more frequent repairs. Additionally, the compressor will not operate long enough during each cycle to effectively dehumidify the air in your home.

Nor, of course, should you buy an A/C that’s too small and unable to keep up with demand. Your home will not be cooled to the degree desired, and the unit will wear out faster because of the strain of trying to keep up.

Homeowners often mistakenly assume that replacement air conditioners should match the size of the previous units. The problem is that many older systems were oversize to begin with.

The best practice is to have new or replacement air conditioners professionally sized. HVAC professionals can perform a residential “load calculation” to determine your home’s needs. That calculation takes into account a number of factors, including the structure’s square footage, layout and orientation; the number, style and position of its windows; the local climate; the number and placement of lights and other heat-emitting appliances; and others. Using all this information, your comfort advisor will recommend equipment to best meet your needs.

For more information about choosing an A/C for your home, please do not hesitate to contact  Home Comfort Experts. Serving Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan, we’re always happy to evaluate homes to help owners make informed decisions.

Home Comfort services the Mishawaka/South Bend areas of Indiana. To get started, check out our website or see our AC service special offers.



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