Best Practices And Plumbing Tips From The Pros At Home Comfort Experts

Taking care of your plumbing can add up to significant savings in your household.

Just as you work toward reducing your home energy costs and your vehicle’s gas consumption, you can also work to reduce your water consumption and protect your home’s plumbing, saving on monthly costs and preventing the need for repairs.


Here are a few pointers from our plumbing experts:

  • Septic tanks have natural bacteria that control solids and keep your system running smoothly. Killing these friendly bacteria can cause backups and other problems. Reduce your use of detergents and strong cleaners to keep these bacteria thriving. Use biodegradable products when possible.
  • Water pressure over 60 pounds per square inch can cause leaks or damage to your pipes. Have your pressure checked by a certified plumber, or call your municipal supplier. If your water pressure is over the 60-pound mark, having a pressure-reducing valve installed can prevent the need for costly repairs.
  • Water temperatures should not exceed 120 degrees. Keeping it at or below 120 will save money on energy costs.
  • A leaky faucet dripping at the rate of one drop per second wastes more than 8 gallons of water in a single day. Usually a new washer or another simple repair will stop the leak.
  • Old shower heads can waste a great deal of water. Replacing a shower head can reduce consumption as much as 7.5 gallons a minute without greatly affecting the quality of your shower.
  • Put your lawn sprinkler on a timer. This keeps your lawn from being over-watered in case you forget to turn it off. Also, sprinkling after sunset reduces waste from evaporation.
  • Before leaving for the day, check your water meter. Upon returning, if the meter has moved when no water is used, you may have a leak that’s costing money and may be causing damage.

When you have plumbing issues or questions, contact our staff at Home Comfort Experts. We have the qualified staff and the expertise to answer all your plumbing questions.

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