Control Air Leaks, And Stop Energy Losses In Your Home

Many of us got a wake-up call during the energy crisis of the 1970s. People across the nation realized the economic benefits of reducing our energy use; cars were built with better gas mileage, and heating and cooling efficiency became a bigger priority. As we’ve moved forward with home comfort, sealing up residential air leaks has become an important aspect of reducing energy use and costs.

You can have many air leaks throughout your home and not even know it. But the attic and areas leading to it are particularly troublesome in many houses. As your heat is lost through attic air leaks, outside air is pulled up through the basement to replace it. It’s called the “chimney effect.” Hot air leaves upward, and cold air replaces it, like the draft effect of a fireplace.


The ceiling access door to your attic is a common trouble spot. Heavy insulation and caulking can effectively reduce or stop leaks there. Areas around vent pipes and electrical ceiling fixtures can also leak conditioned air. Properly sealing these areas can help reduce energy costs.


Insulating and sealing around the basement rim joist will help address the chimney effect as well. Cut insulation to fit tightly in the areas between where floor joists are attached, and caulk any cracks.


For more information on how to control air leaks in your home, contact the professionals at Home Comfort Experts. We can offer solutions to reduce your heating costs.

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