Ways to Decrease Your AC Costs During Summer

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Summertime is here again, and one way to beat the heat is turning on the air conditioner. However, monthly energy bills can increase since the AC has to run continuously to keep the home cool. Luckily, there are ways to cut down costs without enduring the sweltering temperature.

Upgrade Your Windows

Consider investing in energy-efficient windows. They are specifically manufactured to provide better insulation, minimize heat conduction, and decrease solar radiation. Optimum heat dispersion is important when it comes to indoor temperature control since sunlight becomes more intense during the summer. The casements can be purchased at any construction or hardware store and are worth the upgrade.  

Utilize Ceiling Fans

Don’t hesitate to use ceiling fans since they help in circulating cool air. They can take some of the AC unit’s workload, which keeps energy costs low. They also consume less wattage than an HVAC unit. So you can install one in each room and use them instead if you don’t need the AC. This way, you increase your home’s power efficiency.

Replace the Air Filters

Air filters prevent dust from entering an AC unit. The particles can obstruct vents and cause poor air circulation inside the home. Meanwhile, dirty air filters can cause a unit to work harder to get air into the system. Consider replacing them every two to three months, or more often than that if you have kids or pets. They are very affordable and can be easily swapped out.

Inspect the Duct Work

Air ducts can be filled with dust or debris, which decreases airflow efficiency. Leaks may also occur, which diverts heated or cooled air elsewhere, leading to an increased HVAC workload and energy consumption costs. Consider having a professional HVAC mechanic to inspect the ducts to ensure optimum unit functionality and save more money.  

Adjust Indoor Temperature

Adjusting indoor temperatures helps save you money. Let your HVAC unit run at a temperature that matches the outdoors when you’re not at home. This will cause the unit to consume far less power when you change it back to your preferred level. 

For example, during hotter seasons, set your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit or higher when you’re outdoors. Then, turn it down to a cooler 74 or 72 degrees when you get back. Smart thermostats perform this process automatically to ensure you come home to your preferred climate settings. As a result, these devices save you even more with continued use.

Get Regular Unit Maintenance

Ensuring an HVAC unit is well maintained will improve its efficiency and help decrease energy consumption. Having it regularly maintained by a professional ensures that the entire air conditioning system at home runs at an optimum level for years to come.

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