Using A Dehumidifier This Summer For Increased Comfort

aprilaire model 1830 dehumidifierSummers in the Midwest can be brutal, and your air conditioner can only do so much to help you beat the heat. A dehumidifier used in conjunction with your A/C can make your home more comfortable.

Dehumidifier Benefits

Dehumidifiers help control the level of moisture in the air. Most people feel comfortable when the relative humidity in their home is between 35 percent and 50 percent. Humidity levels above 50 percent can breed dust mites, mildew, and mold, triggering allergies or other health problems.

You might notice you’re sweating more — and setting your thermostat lower than you normally would just to get comfortable. Typically, the damper your space, the more capacity you’ll need in a dehumidifier.

When there is too little moisture in the air, on the other hand, the air seems thin and dry. You might experience cracked lips, dry skin or a scratchy throat.

Why A Dehumidifier?

Cranking your A/C is a poor solution to humidity problems. As you force your A/C to work harder than is really needed, your energy bills will rise and the life span of your heating and cooling system will be shortened. And the humidity problem still remains.

Whole-house dehumidifiers, on the other hand, help control the humidity levels in each room of your house. Portable units may be able to help one room at a time, but often less effectively.

If you have any other questions about how dehumidifiers can help keep your family comfortable, please contact the Home Comfort Experts. We can offer our expert advice and, if you’re ready, schedule an inspection or installation.

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