Does Your HVAC Company Do a Nitrogen Purge?

Nitrogen PurgeSee those black flakes? That is what happens when air oxidizes inside copper pipe and it can create efficiency and refrigerant flow problems in your air conditioning system. Oxidized flakes plug your metering devices and affect the way your system works, shortening the life and decreasing your air conditioner’s capacity.

And you probably don’t even know it’s there.

Home Comfort Experts technicians perform a nitrogen purge when we install a new air conditioning system. What does that mean? We fill the new pipes with nitrogen before using torches to join and seal the conduits. Nitrogen pushes oxygen out which prevents oxidation, so no black flakes. Once all pipes are sealed, our technicians evacuate all air and non-condensibles from the system.

Next, our expert technicians and installers fill your new air conditioning system with refrigerant. Your system will start working with zero particulates in the line.

This is a tiny, unknown detail for the HVAC industry and one most homeowners don’t know to ask about. If you have a system installed by another company, you may have no idea there are oxidized flakes circulating and damaging your air conditioning.

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