Does Your HVAC Company Offer Nitrogen Purging Services?

Nitrogen Purge

See those black flakes? That happens when air oxidizes inside a copper pipe, creating efficiency and refrigerant flow problems in your air conditioning system. Oxidized flakes plug your metering devices and affect the way your system works, shortening the life and decreasing your air conditioner’s capacity.

You probably don’t even know the black flakes are there, which is why it’s important to invest in nitrogen purging services to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

What Is Nitrogen Purging?

Nitrogen purging is a process used to remove unwanted gasses and contaminants from a closed system, such as a refrigeration system or a pipeline. During nitrogen purging, nitrogen gas is introduced into the system to displace the existing air or other gasses. This is done to create a controlled and inert atmosphere, as nitrogen is non-reactive and does not support combustion. By removing oxygen and other non-condensable gasses, nitrogen purging helps improve the performance and efficiency of the system.

This process can also reduce the risk of contamination and damage to sensitive components, ensuring the system operates smoothly and safely. In some applications, nitrogen purging is used to dry or prevent moisture from accumulating in the system, which can be crucial in certain industrial processes or equipment.

What is Hammerscale?

Hammerscale, also known as oxidized flakes, is a flaky surface layer that forms on iron or steel objects during the manufacturing process. When iron or steel is heated and worked with a hammer or other tools, the surface layer oxidizes due to the high temperatures and exposure to oxygen in the air. This results in the formation of hammerscale, which appears as a dark, rough, and flaky layer on the metal surface.

Is Hammerscale Dangerous?

Hammerscale itself is not inherently dangerous. It is primarily composed of iron oxide and typically does not pose significant health risks. However, the handling and exposure to hammerscale should be done with caution. Some precautions to consider when dealing with hammerscale include:

  • Inhalation: Fine particles of hammerscale can become airborne during handling or removal. When dealing with large quantities of hammerscale, it is advisable to wear appropriate respiratory protection, such as a mask or respirator.
  • Skin Contact: Hammerscale can be abrasive and may cause minor skin irritation. It is advisable to wear protective gloves when handling hammerscale to prevent skin abrasions.
  • Eye Protection: When handling hammerscale, wearing safety goggles or protective eyewear is important to prevent particles from entering the eyes.
  • Disposal: Hammerscale can be collected and disposed of as scrap metal in accordance with local regulations.

3 Benefits of Nitrogen Purging

Removing the oxidized flakes from your air ducts can help improve indoor air quality and protect your heating and cooling systems. Learn more about the different perks you can gain from having nitrogen purged:

1. Enhanced System Performance

When using nitrogen purging, your refrigeration system performs better. This process eliminates certain gasses that can cause trouble. It helps refrigerant flow better, allowing your system to cool things down more effectively. Because of this, your system can save energy too, which is great for the environment and your wallet.

2. Reduced Contamination Risk

One of the critical advantages of nitrogen purging is its ability to eliminate particulates, moisture, and other impurities from the refrigeration system. These contaminants can be detrimental to sensitive components, causing malfunctions, blockages, or even irreversible damage.

By purging the system with nitrogen, these unwanted substances are expelled, significantly reducing the risk of contamination and maintaining the integrity of the refrigeration components.

3. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Nitrogen purging not only helps the refrigeration system, but also improves the air inside. It removes harmful particles from the airflow, making the indoor air cleaner and healthier.

This is crucial in commercial settings, where good air quality can boost employee productivity and well-being. In homes, cleaner air creates a more comfortable living space and reduces the risk of respiratory issues and allergies.

Overall, nitrogen purging is valuable for maintaining a healthy and efficient refrigeration system while benefiting the occupants with fresher air.

Importance of Regular Nitrogen Purging & Maintenance

Regular nitrogen purging is of utmost importance to maintain the optimal functioning and longevity of closed systems, such as refrigeration units and pipelines. By periodically purging the system with nitrogen, unwanted gasses, contaminants, and moisture are effectively removed, preventing potential damage and reducing the risk of corrosion or clogging.

Our technicians at Home Comfort Experts perform a nitrogen purge when we install a new air conditioning system. This process involves filling the pipes with nitrogen and using torches to join and seal them. Nitrogen pushes oxygen out, which prevents oxidation. Once all pipes are sealed, our technicians evacuate all air and non-condensable from the system. Afterward, our experts will fill your new air conditioning system with refrigerant. Your system will start working with zero particulates in the line.

Ensure the longevity of your heating and cooling systems by having our team of professionals maintain them year-round. We will inspect, clean, repair, and replace any malfunctioning components of your equipment, giving you peace of mind that your units will function properly. Explore our maintenance services in Indiana and Michigan:

Contact us today in Indiana and Michigan by calling (574) 319-9241 to schedule an air conditioning replacement service. Our team will free you of these annoying oxidized flakes and remove them from your airflow.

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