Don’t Get a Summer Cold Because of a Dirty Air Conditioner

An Airconditioner

The irony of summer is that everybody wants to be out, despite the heat. But when you come back indoors, you expect comfort to be in the best condition. This is primarily why air conditioners are a premium commodity during the hot season.

But be wary of using air conditioners that went through a long slog through spring, fall, and winter. They are not in a good state to be on all-day duty during the summer. You’ll not only risk breakdown, but getting sick as well.

A Cold This Time of Year

It would be unfortunate if you or anyone in your family gets a cold during the summer. It’s bad timing for the season and, if a dirty air conditioner caused it, a preventable situation.

It’s true that you’re more likely to get a cold from an AC unit when the humidity is low, which is during winter. But if the filter’s dirty and it hasn’t had a good wash in a long time, you may be recycling dirty air in your home.

If you don’t have an air conditioning guy in Indiana, come to Home Comfort Experts. We are what it says in our name: professionals in cooling and heating matters who focus on your comfort. We’ll make sure that your air conditioner only blows clean, fresh air to ensure that everybody is comfortable. More than that, our technicians will ensure your AC unit will work dependably throughout the summer.

Giving You Plenty of Options

What we do first in every job is assess the situation. Different air conditioner problems require different solutions. Our priority is to provide a lasting solution to your needs. At least, help you accommodate your extra comfort needs during the summer.

It’s still your choice if it’s a repair, maintenance, or installation. We’d give our two cents about what your air conditioner needs, but know that we’re ready to get the job done—fast.

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