Ductwork Depends On Details: Here’s What You Need To Know About Its Design

When it comes to energy efficiency, your ductwork  design is just as important a detail as the type of heating or cooling equipment you have. Ductwork is the superhighway for your airflow. Heated or cooled air may begin flowing from the newest, highest efficiency equipment available today. But, if it is slowed, blocked or dispersed improperly by your ducting, it’s costing you money.


The shortest route between two points is a straight line. With ducts, straight air delivery is not possible to every room in your home. Ducting is too often dependent on sharp angles, where it branches off to other rooms. This slows the momentum of your air. Gentle and gradually sloping of branches to other rooms permits greater momentum and delivers a better force of air. This, in turn, creates better circulation, heats or cools more evenly and reduces the workload of your system.


Return-air vents are just as important as delivery registers. Too few returns creates an imbalance of the pressure inside your home. An imbalance makes your system work harder and wastes energy. Returns should be properly placed and properly sized. Two-story homes need extra return vents in the upstairs area. Hot air rises in both summer and winter. It can get trapped upstairs. This can cause the air to be nice and warm in winter while the downstairs area is too cool. The same scenario can play out in summer. Extra returns keep a free air flow and allow both upstairs and downstairs areas to have more balanced temperatures.


Kinks, collapsed sections, twists and folds in flexible ductwork can be hidden in the attic or in wall chases. This constricts airflow making certain rooms or areas harder to heat and cool. Leaking ducts are a common problem with ductwork, stealing away hot or cold air and creating higher energy costs.


If you suspect duct work problems, contact us at Home Comfort Experts in Mishawaka. We can examine your ducting and offer options that will give you better comfort and reduce your energy costs. When you have questions, call us. We’re always happy to help.


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