furnace replacement discussion with customer

Factors to Consider Before Replacing a Furnace

Having a well-functioning furnace during winter is very crucial. That’s why when the unit breaks down beyond repair, it must be replaced immediately. There are several important factors to think about aside from the furnace replacement cost when buying a new heating unit. Here are some of them:


When choosing a new furnace, consider the type that would be best for your home and situation. Electric furnaces are affordable initially and tend to be one of the most efficient types of heating units. However, these machines can be more expensive than natural gas-powered furnaces in areas that only provide coal-based electricity.

On the other hand, furnaces that run on natural gas are a bit more expensive to purchase than electric ones. But because they do not affect your electric bill at all, they are much cheaper to use long-term. If you live in an area that undergoes extended periods of cold, this may be the best choice for you.


Furnace efficiency is determined by how much electricity, oil, or gas is converted into heat. Modern units have advanced features that may cost more upfront but can save you money through the years. Be sure to consider long-term costs when buying a new furnace.


The size of your home can help determine how big or small your new furnace should be. A larger house with lots of potential air leaks will necessitate a bigger heating unit. This is because more heated air will have to be continuously brought into your home. Meanwhile, a more modest-sized home may get more than adequate heating with a smaller furnace installed.

A licensed expert may be able to help you maximize heat conservation within your residence, so you won’t have to spend more on large heating units. Bigger furnaces do cost more than smaller ones. Hence, consider a consultation with a professional before choosing the best furnace size for your home.

Turn to Home Comfort Experts!

Dealing with a faulty furnace during winter can be daunting. In case repairs on your heating unit no longer work, consider replacing it immediately. Here at Home Comfort Experts, our team will assist you in determining the right heating system for your home. We will also let you know upfront how much your furnace replacement cost will be. Schedule an appointment with our technicians today!