Find Heating Defects with a Video Inspection Camera

Cracks, holes and other defects inside your furnace are difficult to see with the naked eye. In addition, these defects frequently occur in hard to reach (or see) areas of your furnace. But video inspection cameras can easily see such defects.

What are Video Inspection Cameras?

Video inspection cameras use infrared scanning to detect air leakage and any heat defects in your furnace. Although this sounds complicated, the technology is amazingly simple: infrared scanning detects temperature variations throughout your heating system and records these temperature variations—via color coded images—on the video inspection camera monitor.

Because video inspection cameras use infrared scanning to detect such temperature variations, their accuracy at detecting defects inside your furnace is astounding.

Don’t be Fooled by Imposters

A number of HVAC contractors claim that their video inspection cameras are the greatest because they are “color systems.”  Folks, inspecting defects inside your heating system is not like watching your favorite television program. A so-called “color system” is worthless in finding heating defects.

Rather, the best video inspection cameras are true infrared systems whose images can only be viewed (to greatest effect) in black and white. Plain color photography will completely miss the defects in your system that are so important for your furnace inspector to find.

The infrared system that the best video inspection cameras use show the most minor defects in your heating system dramatically and accurately so that they can be repaired.

If you want to be confident that your heating system is completely free of defects, ask about a true infrared video inspection camera as part of your yearly maintenance agreement. You’ll be glad that you did.

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