Furnace Blower Maintenance: A Comprehensive Service Plan Should Include It–Here’s Why

Keeping your furnace in good working condition requires regular preventive maintenance and repair service. Your local HVAC sales and service contractor should offer comprehensive service plans and maintenance contracts that ensure scheduled checkups and repairs.


Before agreeing to a service plan, make sure it covers the hardest-working part of your furnace: the air blower. This high-powered fan moves the heated air from your furnace and through your ductwork, to the farthest points of your home. A malfunctioning blower means your home won’t be properly heated.


Because furnace blowers run so often, they are likely to wear out faster than your HVAC system’s other components. You’ll probably have to fix or replace the blower at least once during the useful life of your furnace.


By making sure blowers are included in your service and maintenance contracts, you’ll be a step ahead in keeping this part of your furnace running smoothly and reliably for many winters. With regular furnace blower maintenance, problems can be found and fixed before the blower breaks down completely.


Keep in mind that if your furnace blower fails, it may be more economical to replace the entire unit. Sometimes, though, smaller components of the blower can be fixed or replaced without switching out the whole blower assembly. This includes the blower wheel, also known as the squirrel cage blower wheel, which is the rotating fan inside the blower that moves and circulates air. The fan motor, the unit that turns the blower wheel to provide airflow, can also sometimes be replaced individually.


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