Heat Pump Troubleshooting Tips

Heat pumps are efficient heating systems, but if yours stops functioning it can become a frustration rather than a comfort. Here are some tips to consider when troubleshooting heat pumps or deciding if it’s time to call a pro.

Troubleshooting heat pumps that are still running:

  • If the unit is cycling on and off too often, the thermostat could be the issue. Check the temperature setting. If the settings are where they should be and the problem persists, call a pro.
  • If the unit stops running in low temperatures, consult your owner’s manual regarding the system selector switch. Your model may not have one, but if it does, switch it to “emergency heat.” After six hours switch it back.

Troubleshooting heat pumps that aren’t running:

  • Ensure the main power switch is on. Flip the breakers on the electrical panel that provides power to the heat pump off, then flip them back on again. This should tell you whether the issue is electrical. If it is, call an electrician. A blown fuse could also cause power issues, so be sure to check.
  • If the power source is fine, check the filters to make sure they’re not clogged and check the blower to make sure it’s working. If both are fine but the unit’s still not running, call a pro.

Troubleshooting heat pumps that are frozen up:

  • If the unit is frozen, the issue could be traced to faulty defrost control or low levels of refrigerant. Try turning it to “defrost” manually.
  • Check the condenser unit, which can sometimes freeze up due to air flow issues. Turn off the condenser, ensure the return air vents are open, and check the filters to ensure they’re unclogged.
  • If everything still seems fine and the system remains frozen, it could be caused by a malfunctioning board or motor. Call a pro.

If you’re experiencing trouble with your heat pump that wasn’t addressed here, call Home Comfort Experts. We’ll be happy to get your heat pump up and running again!

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