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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Use a Vaporizer For the Baby!

That misting floor unit is doing exactly the opposite of what you bought it for.

Vaporizers, the small floor units available at big box stores, are often seen as a way to humidify a room, especially for a sick infant. Take a look at this furnace filter brought in by one of our technicians from an area home and you can see why Home Comfort Experts recommends AGAINST buying vaporizers.

White powder clogs a furnace filter. Calcium and lime was released into this homeowner’s air because of vaporizer use.

What appears to be an all-white, clean furnace filter, (see above and held up to the light at left) is actually clogged with calcium and lime particulate matter that leeches into the air when homeowners run a vaporizer without distilled water. (Which is what most of us do.) The calcium and lime vaporize too and float in the air, eventually catching in the furnace filter. Because it’s white, homeowners may think they don’t need to change their filter, leading to your furnace working at less than optimal efficiency and making the motor work harder and take more wear.

When you hold a clean furnace filter to the light, you should be able to see clearly through it.

Here’s how to research and buy a whole-house humidifier.

Training Director and Head Service Technician Gabe Korn said, “When the vaporizer is running it’s doing exactly the opposite of what you think it’s doing. When it’s running it’s actually drying out your baby’s sinuses. The calcium and lime work as a desiccant.”

This means that with all the calcium and lime in your air, you are drying out your skin!

Humidifiers that Home Comfort Experts installs that we attached to the furnace itself have filters built into them that catch the calcium and lime so Do not use Vaporizer For the Babyyou only receive pure water vapor. These filers only have to be cleaned once a year.

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At Home Comfort Experts, we offer a number of products that humidify your home with no work required by the homeowner. Our Aprilaire humidifiers attach directly to your furnace system and have a water line running to them. A panel inside the device cleans and filters the water for you, releasing only pure water vapor into the air.

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With a whole-house system not only prevent itchy skin, it also keeps woodwork, drywall and, yes, babies, humidified and healthy!

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