Home Comfort Experts Makes the News!

In case you missed it, Home Comfort Experts was featured on ABC 57 News on October 18th. The story was emphasizing the importance of furnace tune-ups both for energy advantages and safety concerns. When you have a tune-up, our technicians will check to make sure there are no deadly carbon monoxide leaks. Tune-ups will also help prevent breakdowns in the middle of winter and they will maintain your warranties on your equipment. Perhaps most enticing reason to have a tune-up though, considering the cost of energy these days, is the fact that a furnace that runs efficiently will save you money on your gas bills. That’s a benefit you will actually be able to see and feel.

Furnace tune-ups are very important to have before you turn your furnace on for the season. A Home Comfort Experts thorough tune-up includes a 20-Point Inspection that covers safety issues, ensures efficiency, and keeps the unit clean. Our furnace tune-ups include:

Important Furnace Safety:
Hydroscan inspection of furnace heat exchanger
Test for natural gas leaks
Test ignition system for safe & proper operation
Test safety & control circuits for proper operation
Test exhaust system for proper venting
Test furnace flame for safe burn operation
Tighten and inspect electrical wiring
Inspect for combustibles around furnace

Furnace Efficiency for Your Home:
Measure and adjust gas pressure for peak efficiency
Measure temperature differences – supply/return
Inspect and adjust fan belt tension
Calibrate & level thermostat
Inspect filter (recommend replacement if dirty)
Lubricate all moving parts
Measure amperage and voltage of blower motor

Annual Furnace Cleaning:
Vacuum blower compartment
Brush, clean and vacuum heat exchangers
Brush, clean and vacuum burners
Clean upper and lower combustion vents
Clean exterior

Make sure your family is safe and warm this winter with a furnace tune-up from Home Comfort Experts. To schedule a home furnace tune-up click here.

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