HVAC Zoning Systems – Ideal Comfort for Every Room

If you notice that temperatures are inconsistent among rooms in your home. Or if members of your household don’t agree on how cool or warm it needs to be in various rooms around the house, a zoning system may be just what you need to keep your home and family more comfortable.

A zoning system allows you to monitor and control room temperatures throughout your home. Thermostats installed in different rooms, or zones, help you control the heating and cooling of each zone. The zoning system will adjust dampers in your home’s air ducts to deliver conditioned air only to the zones that need it.

By delivering warm or cool air only to zones that are in use, HVAC zoning systems help save energy and money by closing off or reducing the flow of conditioned air to rooms that are seldom used or empty during the day.

The systems can adapt to changing conditions and the specific needs of your home. For example, multistory houses can be zoned by floor.  Because heat rises, upper floors may need more air conditioning in summer and may become too warm in the winter without the adjustments a zoning system can provide.

A properly designed and installed zoning system can be significantly more energy efficient than a non-zoned system because it does not waste energy on spaces that don’t need conditioned air.

HVAC zoning systems also allow for better control from room to room. Often different members of the same household disagree on what constitutes a comfortable temperature, and each can set the temperature in their rooms to suit themselves.

The professionals at Home Comfort Experts can provide more information on zoning systems, or any other questions you may have. Furnace ac repair Mishawaka and South Bend areas, we’re always happy to help.


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