Investigate Your Home’s Energy Efficiency To Make Changes That Impact Your Checking Account

When it comes to reducing our energy consumption, we don’t always know where to look. We may be sending part of our bank accounts out the door, windows, flue or attic. There are various was to determine how to best increase our energy efficiency. One way is by having an energy audit.


Conducting Your Own Energy Audit

Compile a list of areas to check in you home. Go over the list and determine a time to conduct your own in-home audit of things you can change to reduce your energy use. If you don’t know all the items to look at, consult a home-comfort contractor. Usually, a simple call to a heating and cooling technician will help you with a list of things to look at in your home. Explain what you are doing and the technician will be happy to give you some good ideas.

Start With Basics

There are a few obvious things that we all know can be the cause of higher energy bills. Air coming in around doors, windows and electrical outlets can be remedied by using caulk, insulation and weather stripping. Here are a few other things to include in your energy efficiency audit:


  • Insulation Levels — Check insulation levels in walls, attics and in the flooring. Inadequate insulation in any of these areas can be reducing your energy efficiency.
  • Ducts —  Leaks in ducting can add up to a 30 percent loss of heated or cooled air. Make sure your ducts have no leaks. If you can’t get to your ducts to check, call a professional.
  • Check The Age of Your Equipment — Older heating and cooling equipment can be robbing you through energy bills that are too high. Equipment 10 to 15 years old is far more costly to operate than today’s high-efficiency models.


If you would like more tips for increasing your energy efficiency, call the professionals at Home Comfort Experts. We can give you detailed information on how to increase your savings and lower your energy bills. When you have questions about your home comfort, call us.

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