Is Your Air Conditioner Freezing Up? Here’s Why!

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It’s summertime again, and it’s only natural to check your air-conditioning unit now and then. But what if you suddenly notice that there’s an ice buildup? Is it even possible for an AC to freeze in summer? The answer is yes! Here are some reasons why an AC unit can be prone to freezing.

Refrigerant Leak

AC units have an essential component called a refrigerant. This liquid absorbs warm air in your home, turns it into a gas, and disperses it outdoors. This results in having a much cooler temperature indoors. With time and heavy use, a leak in the lines may occur which causes the refrigerant to seep through.

Refrigerant leakage decreases the pressure in the tubing and coils inside your AC unit. Condensation eventually forms outside of these parts of the system, which freezes over even during summer. Liquid damage may occur as well with refrigerant leaks. Be sure to have your unit inspected and repaired right away.

Obstruction in Airflow

Air filters filled with dust and debris can obstruct the airflow in your ACsystem. This causes the unit to work harder over time because without much warm indoor air, condensation will  start forming outside its tubing system. This causes ice to accumulate on the tubes and the whole unit to freeze up if neglected. Regularly scheduled AC maintenance can help prevent this from happening. 

Dirty Evaporator Coil

Condensate lines take any excess condensation from within the AC unit and drain it away from the machine. If these lines are blocked by dirt, the evaporator coils can get soaked in water. Any moisture surrounding the coils ends up freezing over, and eventually, the entire unit could be frozen. 

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