Landscaping Boosts Energy Savings: Don’t Let The Planting Season Pass You By

Homeowners living in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan are eager to find energy savings, just like everyone else. Winter months will be coming up shortly and heating fuel prices don’t seem to be dropping. Did you know that the landscaping you choose for your home can make a difference in how much you spend on energy?


Fall planting season is coming up soon. What can you do that will both beautify your property and help you enjoy energy savings?


During winter months, take advantage of the warming effects of the sun. Too much shade can make it more difficult to warm your home; open up curtains and blinds so that the sun can stream through your home.


Planting deciduous trees at the south side of your home can provide abundant shade in summer months; a cooler roof means a cooler home. In fact, trees can drop the air temperature around your home in summer months by as much as 14 degrees!


High winds can means frigid air in winter months. When landscaping your property, consider trees, shrubs and other plants to create a windbreak. This will help knock the wind chill off of your home, resulting in a warmer home that consumes less energy. Place trees and evergreen shrubs on the north and west sides of your home for best results.


Any shrubs, trees or plants designed specifically for ground cover provide a cooling effect to the pavement and soil around your home. This helps by cooling the air and reducing heat radiation so that hot air is cooled before reaching the exterior walls and windows of your home.


Of course, the heating/cooling system you have dramatically impacts how much you pay in energy costs. In order to enjoy the most energy savings, consider proper landscaping techniques along with energy efficient heating/cooling options.


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