Looking For Better Energy Savings? Consider Variable Speed Air Conditioning

Air conditioning season is about here; while we all want to stay cool and comfortable, we also want to save money, especially considering the high cost of energy these days. Energy efficiency is important when choosing an A/C system for your home. By choosing a system that uses less energy, you can save a substantial amount of money on heating/cooling costs.

If you aren’t familiar with variable-speed air conditioners, this term is in relation to the air handler or blower (fan) motor. In northern Indiana and southwest Michigan, summers typically are not as hot and oppressive as some other areas of the U.S. This means that the majority of the time, you could run variable-speed air conditioning on “low” speed, providing you with all of the cool air you need.

Variable-speed air conditioners save a bundle on energy costs


How much can you expect to save by switching to a variable-speed air conditioner? Some homeowners save as much as 60% on energy costs.

Variable-speed motors use less electricity than standard motors.  How does this work? With a variable-speed motor, fan speed automatically changes depending on the cooling requirements of your home. When the temperature gets hotter, the fan works at a higher speed than when the temperature is milder. Humidity also plays a part, and these air conditioning systems work to maintain the perfect balance of moisture in the air.

Another benefit of this type of air conditioner is that you will not experience the noisy start-ups you may have noticed with your air conditioner; wear and tear on the fan motor is also reduced, meaning a longer life. This translates to fewer repairs, meaning additional savings.

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