Make Sure You Have Non-Stop Air Conditioning Service This Summer By Avoiding These Common Problems

For people who live in northern Indiana and southwest Michigan, the summer of 2010 was hotter than normal. With minimum temperatures of 70 degrees and maximums of at least 80 degrees, central air conditioning units were running round the clock. What can you do to make sure that your system keeps running, in case the region sees record (116 degrees in Collegeville on July 14, 1936) heat this summer?


The most common reasons for air conditioning unit failure are improper operation, poor service and installation, and low maintenance. Although it may seem obvious, check to make sure that all windows and doors in your house are tightly closed. Inspect your system to make sure that the air conditioning ducts are not leaking. Ducts can be re-sealed with heat-activated tape sealed with mastic.The next thing to do is to clean or replace your unit’s filter. A dirty filter will allow dirt to reach the evaporator coil, lowering heat exchange capacity and reducing operating efficiency.


If it is suspected that the refrigerant charge on the unit is low from leakage, or not at levels specified by the manufacturer, a professional air conditioning service technician should be called in. They can repair the leak and then check the repair job.


Another thing to look out for is a clogged condensate line. Clear a blockage by inserting a rigid wire up into the condensate line, or by suctioning it out with a shop vac.


If the air conditioning unit doesn’t come on at all, then check the circuit breaker, fuses and high-pressure limit switch on the compressor access panel. Test the thermostat, by lowering the temperature setting below room temperature, to see if the compressor turns on. If the compressor runs constantly and doesn’t shut off, it may be that a thermostat relay isn’t functioning properly.


A professional air conditioning service technician should inspect your central air conditioning system a couple times a year to ensure that you will have non-stop air conditioned comfort throughout the summer season.

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