Need Better Efficiency And Lower Utility Bills? Ceiling Fans Can Enhance HVAC Equipment

Ceiling fans are an excellent money-saving tool that can improve your indoor comfort and lower your utility bills. The specially designed blades of a ceiling-mounted air circulator create a pleasant draft in the room.


The major advantage of a ceiling fan is that it allows you to raise your thermostat settings without experiencing any loss of comfort. According to some estimates, you can inch your thermostat up as much as 4 degrees and still not feel any warmer in your home while the fan is on.


That’s because of the “wind-chill effect” — moving air wicks heat and moisture from your skin, making you feel cooler.


Optimal placement of the fan is important to get the most benefit. First, the ceiling must be at least 8 feet tall, and you should position the fan so its blades are no less than 7 feet from the floor. Ideally, the blades should also be about 1 foot below the ceiling. This configuration will maximize the draft effect. Also, if it’s appropriate for the room, select a fan that has large blades. Bigger blades are more effective than smaller ones at circulating air.


Finally, seek out ceiling fans that carry the Energy Star label. On average, they move air 20 percent more efficiently than standard models.


If you have questions about how to improve efficiency in your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Home Comfort Experts. We’d be happy to help make your home a more energy-efficient and comfortable place.


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