Our Number One Fall Suggestion: Schedule a Furnace Tune-up

It is fall again in the Indiana area and that means it is time to schedule a tune-up for your furnace. What does a Home Comfort Experts furnace tune-up do for your home? We put together our top three benefits.

Furnace Tune-ups Help to Keep Your Home Safer 

There is a lot that goes on when it comes to running a heating and cooling system. So how do you ensure that everything is up to code and operating safely? You schedule a furnace tune-up. When Home Comfort Experts comes out to your home there are numerous tests that we run on your furnace. This includes testing the ignition system for safe and proper operation, testing safety and control circuits for proper operation, testing the exhaust system for proper venting, and testing the furnace flame for safe burn operation, just to name a few. Running these tests helps to ensure your family’s safety.

Scheduling a Furnace Tune-up Now Prevents Costly Breakdowns Later

Think about it. Your home’s heating and cooling system runs nearly every day, 365 days a year. That is a lot of work that is accompanied by your standard wear and tear. It is a good idea to have someone come out to check up on your equipment and make sure that it is operating smoothly and efficiently at the beginning of each heating season. Doing so will help to prevent costly breakdowns later on down the road.  And after all, no one wants to be stuck in the middle of the winter with a broken furnace.

Save Money on Energy Bills with a Furnace Tune-up

In addition to inspecting for furnace safety, Home Comfort Experts looks into the efficiency of your furnace. We measure and adjust gas pressure for peak efficiency, calibrate and level the thermostat, and perform about six more efficiency related checks. When your furnace is operating at its peak efficiency, then that means it is running at its best. When it runs more efficiently, it saves homeowners money on energy bills each and every month.

So what are you waiting for?  Call us today or request our service online for your early furnace tune-up.  When it is time to turn on the heat in your home and your furnace is working perfectly, we’ll bet you’ll be glad you did!

Don’t forget, as a member of our Comfort Club an early furnace tune-up is included.  With the Comfort Club, you get guaranteed appointments, free services, special savings on repairs and our fixed right guarantee-all repairs are fixed right or they’re free! Become a Comfort Club member today.

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