Proven Energy Savings With Duct Sealing

One of the places the average family can find savings is in their monthly energy bill. Sealing your HVAC ducts throughout your home  is a good place to start.

Many things can happen to cause leaks in your ducts; from parts that just don’t come together quite well to damage caused by moving heavy boxes, especially in the attic and basement areas. Leaks in your ducts can cause as much as 15 percent of the heated and cooled air to escape, which only wastes energy and drives up your utility bill.

Some specific areas that an HVAC technician will  inspect and repair include:

  • Seal floor and ceiling duct connections.
  • Repair bent or damaged flexible ducting.
  • Fix leaky joints in the ducts in non-living areas.
  • Cover seals on your HVAC air handling unit.
  • Replace sealing tape that has dried out over time, causing it to fall off.
  • Seal up the connections between registers and ductwork.

Once your ducts have been properly sealed, a trained technician needs to evaluate the system airflow to ensure there are no blockages or hidden leaks. Additionally, they check to ensure there is no backdrafting from gas or oil burning appliances.

Duct sealing is a proven way of saving energy.  Call us today, at Home Comfort Experts of Niles, Michigan or even Home Comfort Experts of South Bend, Indiana and let one of our trained professionals answer all of your questions about duct sealing and how it can save energy and money for you.

Home Comfort services the Mishawaka/South Bend areas of Indiana.  To get started, check out our Furnace, AC and Plumbing Repair Website or see our special offers.


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