Repair or Replace, That is the Question

When it comes to your home’s heating and air conditioning unit, deciding whether to repair the unit or replace it altogether can be a tough decision to make! At Home Comfort Experts in Mishawaka and Columbia City, we want to help make this process a bit easier for you. Our team of experts put together a quiz to help classify your furnace or air conditioner as one that needs a repair or one that needs a replacement.

Your Furnace & Air Conditioner’s Age is a Key Indicator


The first question that we ask you in our “Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner or Furnace Quiz” is about the age of your unit. If it is between 0-10 years old it should still be working efficiently. As your furnace and air conditioner age over the ten-year mark, they begin to work slower and can begin to increase costs for your home.

Cost of Furnace and Air Conditioner Repairs within the Past Year


Another strong indicator of whether or not your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced is the cost of repairs that your system has had in the previous year. As you can imagine, the more often that something needs to be repaired the more likely it is that it will be more beneficial to be replaced. The four levels of repair cost that we consider are $100 or less, $101-$500, $501-$1,000, and over $1,000. This is especially important as the cost of R-22 refrigerant goes up, making the cost of AC repairs higher.

Specifics about Your Home’s Climate Can Tell You A Lot


The final part of our quiz requires homeowners to answer three specific questions about your home and its heating and cooling system. By answering these questions, we are able to further determine if your furnace or air conditioner is working properly in specific situations.   


For more information about furnace or air conditioner repair and replacement, give Home Comfort Experts a call. Our service technicians can help you with any questions that you may have!

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