Save Money with Home Comfort Expert’s Comfort Club

Becoming a Comfort Club MemberOur goal at Home Comfort Experts is to keep you more comfortable, when it comes to your home and your wallet. Besides our custom tailored heating, cooling and plumbing service, we also offer membership to our Home Comfort Experts Comfort Club. Becoming a member ensures that you will have more peace of mind, save money and receive priority service.

Save Money

While we try to price our heating and cooling services competitively with other companies, which keeps our prices lower, we can also help you save even more with our Comfort Club Membership. The membership comes with up to 10% discounts. You’ll also receive service calls and emergency repairs for free! And your membership also comes with three Precision Tune-Ups every year for your furnace, air conditioner heat pump, or plumbing. Regular service on your equipment can save you up to 30% in energy costs per year.  All these ways to save are priceless when it comes to your peace of mind.Home Comfort Experts - Fix it Fred

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Save Time

We also save you from having to stress about time and your schedule. When you become a Comfort Club member, you get access to priority service and no-worry scheduling. That means your service is put at the top of our list to get done, even when we hit the busy seasons. You’ll never be waiting around on us. Our goal is to keep you comfortable and satisfied, that’s why we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee with our Comfort Club Membership.

Add More Value to Your Heating & Cooling Service

Both of our Comfort Club plans offer you more when it comes to your heating and cooling service. Not only do we save you money and time, but we also make sure you’re getting outstanding customer service. On the Comfort Club plan we always guarantee that our work is done right or we will fix it for free.  You’re also guaranteed several maintenance procedures with this plan, which means your systems are much less likely to break down on you, saving you money down the road.

Become a Home Comfort Experts Comfort Club Member by calling us at (269) 684-1800 today. We want to help you be more comfortable as soon as possible.

If you had a choice between purchasing two identical cars whose only difference was their maintenance history, which car would you choose? The car that had received regular maintenance, of course. Why? Because you know that the better-maintained car will run better and longer than a vehicle that hadn’t received at least annual services.

Your heating and cooling systems need the same sort of regular care. In fact, they require it: They are designed to function efficiently only under certain conditions–and those conditions don’t include dirt buildup, blocked airflow or leaky refrigerant lines.

Home Comfort Experts  offers its customers a “Comfort Club Member” plan that includes comprehensive annual service to keep your heating and cooling systems in the best condition possible, thereby ensuring the best results. Each plan includes perks for the customer, such as one yearly tune-up for your heating system and one for your cooling system; members are also given first consideration for scheduling service, special prices and discounts, and a satisfaction guarantee that Home Comfort backs up. Additionally, you receive one complimentary plumbing inspection each year. Just schedule!

Beyond the basic perks, you can choose from the platinum or gold plans.

The platinum plan offers:

  • Appointments within 24 hours of calling to schedule one.
  • Free trip charge.
  • Ultimate Precision tune-up and cleaning.
  • Whole house plumbing inspection.
  • Safety inspection of heat exchanger.
  • Level 5 repairs FREE.
  • Level 6 repairs 10% off.
  • 10% accessory and plumbing discount.
  • 5% discount on new heating and cooling equipment.
  • Blower cleaning as needed.
  • $2,000 in emergency gas line insurance.

The gold plan offers:

  • Front of the line appointments.
  • Free trip charge.
  • Ultimate precision tune-up and cleaning.
  • Whole house plumbing tune-up.
  • Safety inspection of heat exchanger.
  • 10% discount on repairs.
  • 10% accessory and plumbing discount.
  • 5% discount on new heating and cooling equipment.
  • $2,000 in emergency gas line insurance.

We want to help you effectively care for your heating and cooling systems, and we have a plan that fits your needs. Call Home Comfort Experts today.

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