Stormy Weather Ahead! Do you need a Whole-house Standby Generator?

Power Generator

MISHAWAKA/FORT WAYNE/PLYMOUTH, IN; ST. JOSEPH/NILES, MI — Indiana and Michigan’s severe weather often leads to an overloaded electrical grid. Meanwhile, frequent wind events or car accidents can knock out power for hours or days.

For many, electricity is a necessity. Without it, water cannot pump, food spoils, the Internet is lost, and mechanical systems that protect your home fail, presenting a dangerous situation, especially during severe storms.

11 Types of People Who Need a Standby Generator

  1. Anyone on oxygen. In fact, some insurance companies help pay for medically necessary generators.
  2. People in rural areas that frequently lose power.
  3. People on well water, reliant on an electrical pump.
  4. People with an electrical water heater who cannot go without hot water.
  5. People who need their home security system or electric stove to always work.
  6. Homeowners with a lot of stored food (e.g. hunters with a freezer full of meat, breastfeeding moms storing milk.)
  7. Home businesses that cannot survive without computer and Internet access.
  8. The elderly or other temperature-sensitive people.
  9. Anyone with medical needs dependent on equipment or extremely good air quality.
  10. People for whom a loud hardware store generator is too inconvenient to fuel and start or too small for their home. Or they are concerned about theft and the CO exhaust of these types of generators.
  11. Homeowners who never want to be without power.

A whole-house, standby generator connects directly to your gas line and can be monitored remotely, just like a wifi thermostat. When your power goes out, these modern generators kick on in an instant and run much more quietly than generators from years ago.
Whole-house generators need professionally checked once a year: oil changed, spark plugs examined and a general look-over. Much of the monitoring, however, is done automatically. In fact, many models run a daily check on themselves without the homeowner even being aware.

When researching generators, look for 4 qualities:

  1. Quiet and non-intrusive.
  2. Enclosed and aesthetically appealing outside your home.
  3. Remote monitoring and control.
  4. Capable of running on clean burning propane or natural gas.

A reliable company, such as Home Comfort Experts, will have expert technicians who can size the right generator for your home, given the parameters of your location.
If you have any other questions, check out our generator page here. Or sign up for a free estimate at

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