Summer’s End Is Around The Corner: Use These Operational Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Air-Conditioning System

The end of summer is in sight, but plenty of hot days remain in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. There are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the best performance possible from your air conditioning system — at the lowest cost. While your unit is still working hard and running often, help it along with these tactics:

  • Tuneup time? On a day when the outside temperature exceeds 80 degrees, you can perform a test to see if your unit needs a tuneup. You’ll need two accurate thermometers. Place one at a return air duct, the other at an incoming air register. Leave them while your air conditioning runs for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Check the thermometers. There should be at least 14 to 20 degrees difference between the two. If the difference is lower, your unit is running inefficiently. That is costing you in higher energy bills. Contact an air conditioner technician and have it checked.
  • Humidity too high? If you home feels a little too stuffy or damp, the problem might be high humidity. Leaks under doors and around windows could be drawing in outside humidity. Seal up any areas where air infiltrates the home. Use bath fans during showers to draw out dampness. Air conditioning removes humidity, but if air leaks are continually replacing it, your unit is fighting a losing battle.
  • Cleaner is cheaper. Outside condenser coils and inside evaporator coils operate most efficiently when they’re clean. Have your unit checked by a technician. If they are dirty, the technician can clean them and increase your efficiency and comfort level while reducing your costs.
  • Let your unit breathe. Keep leaves, weeds and other vegetation away from your A/C’s outside unit. It needs proper airflow to operate at peak efficiency. Keep bushes trimmed from the area so that there is a full and free circulation of air.

There’s plenty of summer left for your air conditioning to work. Make sure it’s operating at its best efficiency. If we can help, contact us at Home Comfort Experts of South Bend or Ft. Wayne. We’re ready to answer your home comfort questions.

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