There’s More to Home Comfort than Heating and Cooling – 5 Handy Home Services You May Not Know We Do

At Home Comfort Experts, we perform many services. Our customers know us for heating and cooling services and plumbing for sure, but we also do a lot of other things that aren’t as prominent. Here is a list of other services we provide. Please keep these in mind if you ever need help in any of these areas.

Backup Generator Installation
Whole-house backup generators are ideal to have in case your power goes out. We’ve seen some bad storms here in Indiana and power outages do occur. Unlike traditional portable generators, these stand-by generators are permanently installed units that are tied into your home’s liquid propane or natural gas lines. A backup generator can keep your home warm and safe during power outages.

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Air Quality Control
From high-efficiency air cleaners to our HEPA-AIRE Duct Cleaning, Home Comfort Experts has many ways to keep the air in your home clean and healthy. We offer an Ultraviolet Air Disinfection system that kills bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and other microorganisms.
We also offer duct sealing and dryer vent cleaning.

Drain Cleaning Solutions
Whether your sink, toilet, tub, shower, garbage disposer, or sewer, gets clogged, our professional drain cleaning services will have things running smoothly in no time. We have powered rods that can reach deep into a pipe to find the clog. With a power feed and cutting heads, these motorized rods can break up any clog, including tough roots, and get things flowing smoothly again.

Sump Pump Repair and Installation
When it rains, water gathers quickly and if the ground gets saturated, it will find its way into your home. If your lower level is finished, don’t risk a flooded basement. Have a sump pump installed.

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Duct Work Inspection
Are you losing valuable heated or cooled air to leaky duct work? Are some rooms hard to heat or cool? Leaky and poorly designed duct work could be the problem. We can inspect your duct work and improve the comfort level in your home and save you money on energy bills too.

Call the professionals at Home Comfort Experts for help with any air quality, drain cleaning, safety, or energy saving services you may need.

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